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The Storylines - Cause​/​Effect

from Megaphone Xmas Compilation 2011 by Various Artists



get ready for tonight,
make up to make out easily
make a shaved box of joy of yourself
spin and have a drink with your friends,
it all started like this
dress code exposes to boredom of our life

it was dark
as I climbed up the stairs
everyone was dancing
as I lost my memories
minute by minute
glass by glass
I fell in to a state of grace
bathroom, empathy, dancing,
no people were there anymore

just fuel feeding the world
spread out on the ground
seeds of happines, joy, sex, shame,
am I part of the fire?
climb up the stairs
climb down the stairs
climb up the stairs

I repeatedly checked my pocket clock
people's bodies were not there anymore
everyone was so sober
I kept telling all the secrets
I kept telling all my secrets
redeem my sins my lord
I kept telling all my personal secrets
I could see everyone's soul
as the bodies disappeared
bitches were boxes of desire
adventures lost in the boredom of their lives
god showed me hell
as I lost my memories
glass by glass
ten hours of sleep later
just dishes to wash
glass my glass
minute by minute
just dishes to wash


from Megaphone Xmas Compilation 2011, track released December 23, 2011
Produced and Engineered by the Storylines and Arnoux between the 38th and 46th parallels.