Megaphone Xmas Compilation 2017

by Various Artists



Terrestrial year 2017 AD: Megaphone is back with his awaited Xmas gift. The members of the collective, scattered around Europe, wrap in the gift-pack their best intentions of being united under your Xmas tree, metaphorically speaking, unfortunately.

The World is big,
the World is small,
take care you all.


released December 20, 2017

Use 'unqualified' people - Use 'unqualified' people
'Unqualified' people sink themselves in a basement speaking each other by playing with samples, vinyls and a mixer

Angela Aux - DMT
Song was written on the roof of a bus on Fusion Festival 2016 in the bright morning hours. Story happened like this few
minutes before. Song was recorded with Angela Aux saxophone player Peti Pazmandi in his Deeper Down Studios.

Little Fat Baby - Whatever
A creamy b-side of The Storylines' whatever, gifted by Little Fat Baby and never released. Date unknown, Earth.

Sonambient - Simeto
I produced this track really quickly a couple of years ago, and used it many times to open my live set. I was very happy with it, but not totally: something was missing, something was lacking. But the end is important in everything, so they say, and this time was right to finish it and finally release it free into the world as a finished song.

How to be comfortable around strangers - How to be comfortable around strangers
Mangrove --> LPG DIY (turing ---> Z3000, TRI sync mangrove)
Cluster Flux BBD clock signal feedback
Moog Source over and over.

Arnoux - Maelstrom
First song produced by Arnoux after moving to Lisbon, 2017 AD, year of the Great Storm.

Go Dugong - Presta Atenção
Few months ago I was invited to join the Red Bull Bass Camp in Rome. There I started working on this track that I gave to friends of Megaphone Music for their Christmas compilation.

Jackeyed + Top Banana - Close to the river
This song is a draft, a pre-production for a collaborative EP that we were planning to release, and was never being made.

The Storylines - Tarzan
Some late night exp with ukuleles, stomp boxes and Roland sampling machines SP 303 and SP 555. Final export on February 2008, an mp3 lost in a dusty hard drive and never published before.

Caplan featuring F.O.M.O. - Who spoke first?
This song was written and recorded in 48 hours and it’s about accepting the thought that not all of our urges are wrong. Many thanks to Massimiliano Esposito's synth sounds (F.O.M.O., Olla).

Bound - Simple
Two home studios, two heads, a collaboration over Skype that mixes sampling technique with basic sound design and analog processing. First draft from A to B sent on January 2016.
Vocal sample taken from


Mastering and level matching done with passion and craft by Andrea Hideo Zorat in his secret studio in Lisbon, Portugal.

Artwork by Andrea Buzzi, from his hidden location in South Italy.

Released by Megaphone -