Threatcon Charlie - Hikuri

from Megaphone Xmas Compilation 2009 by Various Artists

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Maybe it looked like I didn' t want to stay
"I thought you didn' t........Did you want me to stay?"
I was falling alone, falling asleep
in-existent and just a nit.
So I looked, I Iooked for the secret place
Destination: Unknown
So I looked..... Wirikuta
Here we go!

Am I ready to destroy you?

The Beat generation is extending my mind
There' s a spot in the desert where people can find...
I need energy, fantasy
in-existent reality
my pulse is slow
Just let it go
Destination: Unknown
"The open space"
Here we go!

Am I ready to destroy you?

Sine waves getting closer acquiring taste in my mouth.
Delightful flavours, an explosion of plesure
Reaching the climax,
I' m disappearing from the earth
Keep it,
Don' t release it,
you can' t let it go.

Now I' m ready to destroy you!!


from Megaphone Xmas Compilation 2009, track released December 23, 2009
lyrics: Andrea Hideo Zorat
music: Threatcon Charlie
backing vocals: Vita Tae Zorat
produced and mixed by Threatcon Charlie